Iron Maiden

When the cold in my heart leaves, it comes to an end...

and quietly I'll go to sleep

Iron Maiden

Last friend-cut: 07/25/07

If I do not know you IRL, then I do not wish to add you to my friends list for any reason.

If you are somebody who has been cut from my friends list it is not likely that I will add you back. Comment on this post whenever you want to keep in touch with me or otherwise contact me on AIM or Myspace. Please understand that being removed does not mean I hate you or anything. I mean no offense. I still would love to talk to any of you, but this journal is no longer for your eyes. Take care of yourselves and I hope to hear from you occassionally. :)

As for any new friends wishing to be added, please understand that being friends with me IRL is not the only criteria I consider when adding new LJ friends any more. This is for a very small circle of friends these days. Don't feel offended if I don't want you to be a part of my LJ circle of friends.